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BMW M10 2.0

2.0l race spec.

1999cc modified cylinder block, with front cover. £795
Full counterweight M spec crankshaft £1450                             Chevronb8.jpg
Set competition I beam con rods and bolts £850
Set main bearings to suit £120
Set Big end bearings to suit con rods £90
Set Race pistons to suit block and con rod £600
Block windage/scraper plate £250
Sump pan, baffled and powder coated £550
Uprated oil pump £340
Oil pump sprocket and chain kit £38
Timing chain – single row £68
Camshaft sprocket – adjustable with bolt kit £79
Timing chain sliding guide £10
Timing chain tensioner blade £34
Timing chain tensioner - adjustable competition type £50
Cylinder head E12 type, ported, 47mm inlet with 39mm exhaust, 7mm bronze guides £1850
Valves to suit head £22ea
Valve spring, cap and seat set £295
Head bolts £54
Head girdle plate £160
Rocker shafts £32
Billet rockers £100ea
Adjuster cam, bolt and nut kit £55
Solid spacer set – to suit head £40
Camshaft £540
Full engine gasket set £94
Carburettor, manifold, bells and fitting kit £1600
Steel flywheel and clutch kit £950
Exhaust manifold £325
Distributor – modified advance curve £195
Plug leads £65
In addition to the above costs, assembly, build parts, further assembly mods, run in and test. £4500

A large amount of test, development, re design and time has gone into the latest M10 2000 engine. New camshaft, springs, valve profiles, head shape and piston style. A different set of equations to the 1800, but none the less a very good engine, with more to come!
The donor engine is chemically cleaned; de burred, machined and re cleaned.  The engine is then assembled with care and attention to detail. All limits are recorded in a detailed build sheet, the engine is dyno run in and calibrated to give optimum performance.

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Last updated 04/04/19