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BMW M88 Engine

M1 Procar build

We have current experience with this engine in both Pro car spec and IMSA spec.

Torsional vibrations have been the major problem with this engine since conception in the 70's. We have undertaken a full vibration analysis and now have a new crankshaft, con rod and piston design, along with damper and flywheel. This new design has the effect of; rectifying the destructive fretting on the crank nose, flywheel face and bearing backs. The major result is more power, with a major reduction in rebuild costs.

We currently have made the following parts to date. All parts have been made to BMW original design, with the aide of better material and modern manufacturing standards. These parts are available through ourselves, but in conjunction with our customer.

Crankshaft - made to original BMW M88 specification
Crankshaft - made to new design
Steel Con rods - correct pin dimensions and length
Pistons - made to original Mahle design 94mm
Flywheel - integral ring gear and to suit triple plate race clutch
Crankshaft damper boss - EN30B
Damper assembly 
Valve guides - standard and oversize
Race valves - 38.5/32.5mm dia 
Gasket set
Water pump repair kits

Most M5 parts are available;
Stud sets, bolts, gaskets etc

For more information, please contact us.


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Last updated 03/08/20